Här sparar jag saker som jag vill komma ihåg när jag behöver dem.

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  1. People that use infusionsoft (87k users) could really use Timestamp it! for the person notes field. Accounts have multiple users and noone knows who left the note and when when using person notes and people like person notes better than templates.

    Is it possible to add a field to timestamp it in which someone could set their name?

    so Bob Smith 2017-01-11 11:03?

    That would be big in the infusionsoft marketplace. Let me know if I can help with it

    1. Wow, sorry about the inexcusably late response.

      I’m pretty sure that’d be possible to do if you still find it interesting and haven’t found an alternative solution to it yet.
      I guess you’d be wanting to do this on a per-user basis? As in, if I was using Timestamp it!, it should be possible for me to somewhere input a name and have that stored in a setting in the browser?

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